– Computer Services –

Viruses/Malware: If you think your system may be infected, we invite you to draw upon our expertise in cleaning/removal, and in providing protection against future infection.

Data Backup: We plan and implement a backup solutions of almost any scale. Backing up important files is a simple, and effective, way of protecting against the loss of data.

Data recovery: If you are having trouble accessing your files, we offer data recovery and restoration services for hard drives, flash media, and optical media (cds/dvds).

Repairs: If your system has stopped working correctly, whether due to hardware or software malfunction, we can diagnose and resolve almost any problem that has arisen.

Upgrades: We install, and configure, hardware and software upgrades. This includes many types of add-on or upgraded computer hardware such as memory, video cards, hard drives, and any software which you may want added to, or upgraded in, your system.

Custom Builds: We build custom-tailored systems, from the ground up, to meet your specific needs.

Consultation Services: If you are in the market for systems, add-on hardware, or software that will suit your needs, we will be happy to discuss in depth and provide detailed advice and recommendation.

Note: We are happy to offer service for PC-based (Windows, Linux), Apple-based (Mac / Macintosh, Macbook,  iPad, iPhone), and Google-based (Android phone, Chromebook) computer systems, including desktops, laptops, and tablets. We would be pleased to discuss whether we will be able to help with anything which has not been mentioned above, and look forward to providing you with proficient, friendly assistance.